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5 Human resource mistakes to avoid In 2022

Owning and managing a small business can be time consuming and overwhelming. Small business owners take on multiple roles, from accounting to legal to human resources. With so much going on, it can be easy to make mistakes when it comes to different roles.


Here are five mistakes that you can avoid when it comes to human resource management


  • Not Creating Clear Job Definitions; As a small business owner, don’t neglect to create an accurate, clear job description. This is imperative if you want to attract the right people for the job. Your description should include the skills, training, and education, an ideal candidate should possess, and you should only accept interviews with candidates that meet those basic requirements.
  • Not Understanding Basic Employment Laws; There are many human resource management laws that most small business owners ignore, but ignoring these laws could be detrimental to your company. Never assume that employment laws don’t apply to your company. Ignoring them can cost your small business money when it comes to hard-headed employees.
  • Not having an up-to-date employee handbook; Having an outdated employee handbook, or not having one at all, may cause an increase in employee violations of company policies. Having some sort of handbook allows you to successfully communicate work-related policies to your employees.
  • Not documenting performance issues; Employees should be given a chance to fix their performance issues, so it’s best to bring the issues up during performance check-ins. If the employee fails to correct their performance, termination becomes unavoidable. Having thorough documentation of these performance issues can serve as valuable evidence to avoid wrongful termination claims.
  • Not properly training new employees; Training opportunities should begin with an onboarding process and continue with professional development programs throughout employment.


Having experienced HR personnel to assist you with all of your human resources will not only make your job easier but will also allow you to focus solely on business growth and management. You can book HR coaches here on SMETraction and get started to putting structure to your business.  Book A Coach Now 



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